Cookies and other online technology on the MEDIANET, spol. s r.o. website

MEDIANET, spol. s.r.o. (hereafter referred to as “Medianet”, “operator” or “we/us”) stores cookies on the domain We utilize various types of cookies on a variety of websites, in addition to other forms of technological monitoring, in an attempt to offer appealing content and provide a more fulfilling experience for you, the visitors of our website, in the act of browsing our website and its functions. Cookies are text files which contain small amounts of information, which are installed to your computer, phone or various other gadgets during the visitation of our website. Visitors of the Medianet website, who have accepted cookie files on their web browser, thereby accept the method of storing cookies on the particular website.

Cookies are beneficial as they provide aid in analyzing the traffic on our website and in ensuring the highest level of comfort in its usage as such that, for instance, they allow the memorization of you as a user until your next visit on our website. Cookies cannot search your computer or other gadgets, nor read stored data present on them. Temporary cookies (also known as session cookies) consistently activate themselves during the visitation of our website and at the end of your search, they proceed to automatically erase themselves. Permanent cookies (also known as long-term cookies) remain stored in the computer or other gadgets, even after the completion of browsing a website.

Cookie Settings

Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support cookie management. Within the settings of a web browser, you have the ability to manually erase individual cookies, block, entirely prohibit their usage or possibly block them and solely allow their usage for individual websites. In such cases however, we cannot guarantee that all areas of our website will preserve the function which has been determined.

A guide for blocking and erasing cookies from our most frequently utilized browsers






If you are using a web browser which differs from the ones listed above, acquaint yourselves with the medium via the function “Pomoc”/”Help” present in your web browser, or by approaching the creators of the software regarding the instructions of prevention and erasure of cookies.

We utilize cookies on the Medianet website:

To save your personal settings

They allow us to identify you as a unique visitor and retain the settings you have adjusted during your last visit. For instance, the content layout on the page, the selection of a specific location or the prior filling-out of your log-in details.

For the creation of anonymous statistical records

Our website utilizes analytical software during all of your visits. Among these, some of them belong to, for instance, Google Analytics, Hotjar and GetSiteControl, Google Optimize and PushPushGo. The following store anonymous standard cookies which allow us to analyze the kind of traffic present on our site, as well as the behavior of our visitors. Likewise, we receive analytics regarding the content and information that captivates our visitors. Any stored analytical information is anonymous and solely utilized for technical and marketing purposes.

For the distinguishing of anonymous and logged in visitors

Our website utilizes cookie files which provide assistance in identifying you either as an anonymity or a registered visitor, by retaining your choices (e.g. the name of the user) and allowing the utilization of extensive personalized functions. These types of cookie files can be utilized for storing certain changes you have made in the settings of the page (e.g. the display size, display order, etc.). Likewise, they may be utilized for providing services which you have requested for (e.g. scanning videos, comments in discussions, etc.). Data which is collected through these cookies is anonymous and cannot monitor your search activity on other websites.

For the broadcasting of web notifications

They allow us to identify the visitors who have subscribed to receive web notifications. The software which we utilize for the broadcasting of web notifications is PushPushGo. This software stores anonymous standard cookies. Any stored analytical information is anonymous and utilized exclusively for technical purposes, as well as for the collection of information regarding new content on the website.

In the matter of the visitor not wishing to receive notifications anymore, they may unsubscribe from receiving notifications with the help of the instructions located on this page:

For targeted browsing/display of advertisements

Advertising cookies allow the displayal of targeted advertising on our website based on your search history, as well as the monitoring of your behavior, this being due to the identifiers present within the settings of your web browser. Rather than identifying a particular person, these cookie files identify the settings and preferences of an anonymous user who is related to a specific computer. Advertising cookies are further utilized for the evaluation of the efficacy of a specific advertisement and for monitoring the quantity of users it successfully captivated.

For sending notifications regarding the current content of the users which have registered for receiving notifications, we utilize the service OneSignal, from OneSignal, Inc. San Mateo, CA.

Third party cookies

The Medianet website uses the service Google Analytics, provided by Google, Inc., which utilizes information for the purpose of evaluating the use of sites and for reporting the activity of the visitors on the site. For equal purposes, Medianet also utilizes the service Chartbeat. Further information on acquiring and utilizing the data provided by Google and Chartbeat Inc., along with your rights and the protection of your privacy, you can find in the provisions regarding the protection of data on Google and Chartbeat Inc. website.

To increase the possibility of adapting our offers to the needs of users, our website collects data through cookies, with the help of the software Google Analytics from Google regarding the use of the website. The collection of data is evaluated in the form of anonymous statistics, for the purpose of improving the quality of our services. On the basis of granting permission to operate this site, Google will utilize this information in an effort to evaluate the usage of the site and report the activity present on it, with the aim to offer other services by the operator, related to the information provided.
You can prevent the storing of cookies via the settings of your web browser. You may prevent the installation of cookie data, a direct result of utilizing the website, and reinstall the module of the web browser through the following reference: A Google notice, regarding the protection of data, is published on

Through the so-called retargeting technology of various providers, our website collects information regarding the behavior of visitors in the form of anonymity, solely for marketing and advertising purposes. This information is stored in the cookie files present on your computer. Subsequently, the displayal of targeted recommendations may occur on other websites, given that they may be of interest to you, in the form of advertising banners. This data can not be, in any way, utilized for the identification of a user visiting the specified site. However, if you do not wish to have personalized advertising banners, you may decline the displayal and storage of data for the future by clicking on the icon displayed on each advertising banner.

For the optimization of offers provided by articles, which could potentially be intriguing for you, in addition to the displayal of advertisements, we utilize technology from Strossle. It functions based on the preferences of the user and the collection of data recorded through cookies. If you do not wish to utilize offer customization regarding proposed articles based on your preferences, you may proceed in the settings of your web browser in accordance with the description presented in the section “Nàvod/Instructions” for the blockage and removal of cookies from the most frequently used web browsers.

For the purposes of advertisement displayal, Medianet utilizes several advertising systems of operators such as Adform, Etarget, Google and Yieldbird.